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 Lodge meetings, rites and rituals for 2009, Imbolc to Samhain.

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Lodge meetings, rites and rituals for 2009, Imbolc to Samhain. Empty
PostSubject: Lodge meetings, rites and rituals for 2009, Imbolc to Samhain.   Lodge meetings, rites and rituals for 2009, Imbolc to Samhain. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 5:36 am

The events on this page are subject to regular updating, so please keep checking in for new or revised dates! Entries in bold type indicate a members celebration, often in Lodge, but Wiccan and Celtic celebrations may be held at other venues, especially outdoors, if feasible and weather conditions permit. Non bold type entries are for information only. Please note that some celebrations may be on the day before or after the fully correct date. This is to enable visiting members to take advantage of weekend dates to also attend discussions and lectures on tthese days.

Lodge celebrations will normally begin at 8 pm, sometimes later during the summer, and ritual will last approximately 1 to 2 hrs, depending on the celebration. Visiting members can arrive an hour earlier to take light refreshment before the ritual, and a meal will normally be taken together when the celebration ends, or as part of the celebration itself.

New members who have not attended a celebration in person should discuss the protocol and requirements before arranging to attend the first time.

Non celebrant members please confirm if you will be attending celebrations, so that we can cater appropriately. Unless otherwise stated, celebrations will take place at the Lodge or in its grounds.

February 1st Celebration of Imbolc. Wiccan rite. There will be a Wiccan discussion and lecture held from 2 till 5 pm this afternoon, after which we will have a meal at a local pub (alcohol limit!) before commencing the ritual. Craft initiations will take place during the celebration for those ready.

February 9th Full moon. 'The Lake upon the Plain'. Egyptian rite.

February 25th New moon.

March 1st St. David's day.

March 11th Full moon. 'The Wind across the Sea'. Celtic rite

March 17th St. Ptrick's day.

March 21st. Vernal Equinox. Egytpian rite. The Day of the Coming Forth of the Great Ones of the House of Ra. There will be a discussion group on the Egyptian mysteries begining at 2 pm til 5 this afternoon, followed by a pub meal (alcohol limit!). Initiations will take place during the celebration for those ready.

March 23rd. Festival of Isis.

March 26th New moon.

April 1st The Day of Hathor.

April 9th Full Moon. 'The Tear of the Sun'. Wiccan rite.

15th April. Festival of Horus, and of Bast. Egyptian blessing rite.

April 25th New moon.

May 1/2nd Celebration of Beltaine. Celtic rite. Join us for the festival of Flame and Flowers, commencing at 9pm and concluding in the early hours. Food and drink will be taken together as part of the celebration. (Contribution of £5 per member towards food and drink). Initiations for those ready will take place during the celebration. Please advise us if you need help with accomodation following the celebration.

May 9th; Full Moon; 'The Hawk upon the Cliff'. The End of Dark and Beginning of Light. Wiccan rite, commencing at 10 pm.

May 24th New Moon.

June 7th. Full Moon; 'The Flower'; 'The Summer Maid'. Celtic Rite. There will be readings from 'The Mabinogion', cycle of old Welsh (Celtic) legends during the early evening from 6 pm till 9pm, accompanied by a buffet meal. (Contribution of £3 per member towards meal please). Ritual will commence at 10 pm.

June 21st; Summer Solstice; Egyptian rite. The celebration will commence at sunrise, 4.42 am, and will include the taking of breakfast together under the new sun. (Contribution of £3 per member towards meal cost please). If you require overnight accomodation on the previous evening, please advise so that we can help make arrangements for you. Initiations for those ready will take place during the ceremony.

June 22nd. New Moon

July 7th. Full Moon; 'The God who sets the head on fire'; Equos, month of the Horse. Celtic Rite commencing at 9 pm.

July 22nd. New Moon.

July 31st/August 1st (overnight). Lughnasa. Celtic Rite. This joyful ceremony will commence at 8pm on the evening of Friday 31st, and end at around 1 am in the morning of Saturday 1st, and will include time for members to enjoy eating, drinking and enjoying one another's company within the Lughnasa Bower. Members requiring overnight accomodation should contact us if requiring us to help with this. A contribution of £7 per member is required towards cost of food and drink. Please note: no initiations will be carried out during this festival.

6th August. Full Moon; 'The Spear of Battle'. Elembivious, the month of the Deer. Wiccan Rite, commencing a 9 pm.

20th August. New Moon.

4th September; Full Moon, 'The Salmon in the Pool'. Edrinnios, End of the Heat of Summer.The celebration will start at 9pm; Wiccan rite.

18th September; New Moon.

30th Sept/1st October. Samhain. Celtic Rite. This festival of the closing of the Celtic year, and the beginning of the New, will commence at 7 30pm with an evening of ghost stories in a local pub, accompanied by a meal(alcohol limit). The ritual will commence at approximately 10 pm and conclude around 1 am. Seership will take place as part of the ritual celebrations, to enable those who choose to communicate with loved ones who have crossed the Bridge of Swords. Note; there will be no initiations during this ceremony.
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Lodge meetings, rites and rituals for 2009, Imbolc to Samhain.
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