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Blue Wolf Events

Blue Wolf Partnership of Katt and Luke Clayton host a variety of Magickal, Mystical, Spiritual Events and Online Shops.
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 Who we are, and what we do

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Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf

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PostSubject: Who we are, and what we do   Who we are, and what we do Icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 4:32 pm

Blue Wolf Lodge is based in South Yorkshire, near Sheffield. It's mission is to bring the knowledge of the Magickal arts, both ancient and modern, into the 21st century as a real and living presence in people's lives. Our purpose is to show that Magick is a truly powerful force to help its practitioners achieve their goals in the great work of life. And to help the whole world into the wonderful future intended by the creative and sustaining powers of the Spirit.

We offer membership to all who are sincere in their desire to learn and practice the Magickal way, whether they are new entrants or already experienced practitioners. If you live close enough to visit the mother Lodge, you will be welcome to participate in the physical enactment of ritual. If not, we have a growing online membership, and are beginning to promote online ritual working groups.

We offer teaching in the Kabbalah, drawing on aspects of the original Hebrew texts and working, and also the Golden Dawn teachings, allied to Masonic insights. We are also able to offer teaching in the Egyptian and Celtic Rites. Initiation into appropriate grades is provided in all traditions as you become ready. Although we no longer have a currently practising Coven, we have members who are also interested in Wicca, and are happy to offer guidance and support to those for whom this is their chosen way. Initiation into all of these Paths is provided as members progress in their knowledge and practice.

We are practising workers, and ritual workings form a regular part of our time in the Lodge. We do our best to make it possible for members to participate in these, whether by personal visit or online. We perform the normal celebrations of the esoteric year, and also consecrate talismans, amulets, and perform workings for the assistance of members and their loved ones in the better achievement of their life goals.

Some have told us that looking at our calendar of events worried them that they would be expected to know too much, and be too involved in the practice of the magickal arts. Please, don't worry! We are an extremely friendly group, and you will be made welcome, whatever your current level of experience. We are perfectly happy for members, new or otherwise, simply to be with us at ritual celebrations, to observe and enjoy our company, without actually performing ritual duties unless they wish. Although obviously, if you are happy to help out, we will be delighted to accomodate you!

People have also asked when, in our busy schedule of ritual working, there is time for study and teaching. The simple answer is that much of our theoretical teaching happens when you are alone, at home. You receive written and online material to read at your leisure, and you can discuss this online or over the telephone when you wish with your assigned mentor. We also hold regular discussion groups during Lodge meets, at which members of all levels can learn from experienced group leaders,and discuss their own views on what they have recently studied. Finally, there are also set sessions when we arrange for teaching for anyone working on a particular Path.

We appreciate that it is always easier for those who live near to the Lodge to get to these, but we make every effort to ensure that we make it as easy as possible for you to visit us for sessions, helping with food and accomodation where necessary. And for those unable to come along in person, we make extra efforts to include you as a member of our online learning community, and to ensure that even so, you are still able to benefit from the work of the Lodge in every way possible.

All of our members form part of a community of love, light and learning, and part of our common vow is for all to seek to actively assist and support each other in our progress in life in all ways.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become part of our working community, please contact us to tell us a little about yourself and your desire. We are always happy to speak with genuine seekers, no matter how much or how little you presently know of the Way.
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Lady Katt
Lady Katt

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PostSubject: Learning about witchcraft   Who we are, and what we do Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:01 pm

As Luke said we do not have a practising Coven at present, as many of our seekers are solitaries and just like to gain information and support, knowing other likeminded friends are nearby. We also have a large number of readers who are new to witchcraft and wicca, and this seems to be the base of most enquiries. To help the neophites I am going to have an forum witchcraft school, offfering lessons supported by ideas from Bucklands book of Witchcraft. Lessons and tasks will be made availabel for you to work your way through the wiccan path and we will aid in any initiations for proven students who submit their work to us, or provide evidence of their experience through essays, phonecalls or in person.

Should enough members seek us to create an acitve coven we will actively pursue this - solitaries wishing to learn more about tarot, herbs, healing, crystals etc are welcome to come visit us on our open days - when we have a Blue Wolf BBQ or why not join us on a ghost hunt...

Please do not think the Lodge is the only accessible way into magick although we have a very advanced teaching practice it also caters to inexperienced and will be most welcoming and undaunting - feel free to join this forum gain access to more information, or read what is publically available.

We are a friendly bunch - and dont bite - but we have been known to turn a few into frogs into princes lol!
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Who we are, and what we do
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