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 For a thrush

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Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf

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PostSubject: For a thrush   For a thrush Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 6:24 pm

Passing briefly through our hands, and passage to the other world perhaps made easier. Sing your song in eternity, little one.
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Lady Katt
Lady Katt

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PostSubject: Re: For a thrush   For a thrush Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 9:29 am

We try so hard to save the wildlife, this was so beautiful and I really thought we could help it pull through.. sadly not.

....cats are predators and kill so often, ours try to bring us gifts alive rather than eat them in situ, it is a happy medium as we release so many back into the wild. Of course you cannot change the nature of an animal but they can be thanked when they return with a gift that is still alive, and those who do not make it are handled with love and sent on their way into the light in peace.

I am not vegetarian and repect mother natures ways of balancing life.. as in all journeys some survive others dont, we neither encourage or discourage hunting prey.. but always do what we can with rescued animals - whether the plight of a fledgling unable to take off and caught by a cat, or a bumblebee which needs picking up off its back, perhaps a mouse needs releasing from a trap.. yet we would not mind if our cats catch a rat ! Life is a journey for all of us....

I was once told Mother Earth sends earthquakes to lesson human life too, there is such a controversal subject of us saving so many human lives now thru medicine it does make you wonder if its not just the ozone we are destroying but the balance of life too ... I do not take sides, just live, love and respect.... and ponder over such controversial subjects..

Rest in peace little thrush.. and all those who have passed before x
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For a thrush
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