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 Ritual Etiquette For Children (and some adults!)

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Ritual Etiquette For Children (and some adults!) Empty
PostSubject: Ritual Etiquette For Children (and some adults!)   Ritual Etiquette For Children (and some adults!) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 4:35 am

If there is a new person, don't ignore them when you play games. Ask them to play with you. And don't forget to share!

In The Circle:
It is a time of celebration and fun, but there is a time and a place for everything. In either the youth circle or the adult, we must always be mindful of others. If you are in circle, you should only leave when necessary and with a door cut out for you. Ask your parent to leave with you if that is needed. If there is a meditation, we need you to keep quiet, sit still and listen to the story that is being told. This is to make sure that everyone can enjoy their time in circle. Making noises, giggling, talking, and acting out can spoil it for everyone.

Sacred Space:
A circle is a time for magickal work and it very important that everyone respect each other. Don't laugh or make fun of someone if they make a mistake. Don't talk while others are doing their part in the circle. You wouldn't want them to interrupt you after you have put in time practicing your part.

Be kind to each other when playing, whether it is before or after circle. It is important to remember your manners and not to make fun of others.Treat others as you wish to be treated. Everything comes back to us threefold and so if you are unwilling to share, then others will be too.

Unless you are told otherwise, always move clockwise (the way we the hands on a clock move) when in the circle. A good way to remember is to follow the direction of your left-hand when you are standing at the edge of the circle and looking into the enter

Ritual Tools:
Even the adults are not allowed to touch another's ritual tool without that person's permission. If you want to see a pretty wand, ask the person who brought it if you can touch it, or ask them to hold it so you can look at it better.

Like ritual tools, these are another kind of ritual instrument for the adults. If you want to play the instrument, ask the person who owns it if you can first. Always be gentle with an instrument because it is someone's special tool.

Ritual Fire:
As a young person, you should never play with fire. Keep a safe distance away so that you can't get hurt! No one wants to make a trip to the emergency room from an event.

These can be fun to wear, but before you go into circle, leave it with your Mom or Dad to hold onto. Watches can make it hard to pay attention and you won't be able to have as much fun.

This is okay so long as the weather is warm for outdoor circles and it isn't wet or muddy. For indoor rituals, it isn't necessary, but sometimes it makes it easier to dance and to not hurt someone if you accidentally step their feet. It can also make it more comfortable and make it easier to focus more on the ritual.

Most Pagans are very friendly and like to hug or even kiss on the cheek. If you do not like this, tell your parent or the High Priestess. Also, be aware that you might like to hug, but not everyone else does. So if someone tells you not to hug, then be nice and don't. If someone touches you in a way you don't like, tell an adult right way.

It is exciting to take part in circle and celebrations,but your classmates, teachers and playmates may not understand what you are talking about. You might also want to speak to your parents before telling others what happened at circle. We are not ashamed of our religion, but not everyone worships as we do. So be careful in what you say to anyone who
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Ritual Etiquette For Children (and some adults!)
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