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 Craft Ideas - General & Sabbat

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PostSubject: Craft Ideas - General & Sabbat   Craft Ideas - General & Sabbat Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 5:35 am

Flower Fields

Adapted by Vicky Newton from MrMaker and DoodleDo

You will need: paint (yellow, orange, red, gold), washing up liquid, water, straws, paper, black marker or crayon, scissors

Firstly put a squirt of paint into a bowl, add a squirt of washing up liquid and water (you want quite a watery mixture so you can get lots of bubbles). Mix well and blow through your straw to make lots of bubbles. When you’ve got enough (over flowing) take your piece of paper and lay it over the bubbles and press down. Lift off and see all the lovely bubbles.

Repeat until you are happy the paper is filled. Use different overlapping colours to give the impression of a field of colour. Let it dry

At this stage you can either cut out flower shapes or blow paint on flowers.

Simply reverse the picture and with a pen draw as many flower shapes as you want, large or small. Then cut them out. You could use them to make a separate collage or use them to write Lammas wishes on.

Blow-painting Flowers
If you want Flowers in the foreground or back ground carefully suck up a little bit of paint mixture through the straw (adults a job for you) and trap it there by placing your thumb over the end. Take it over to the paper and dribble to paint mixture onto the paper. You only want small amounts, too much will soak the paper! You may even want to invest in a pipett or drip some on with a pencil tip or something.

Now blow through the straw to spread out the pain mixture. You can make it any shape you want but in this instance a sort of wavy edged triangle is what you are aiming for. Do a variety of big and small all over the page. Allow it all to dry.

Now take your marker pen and draw around your triangles, adding a little detail to make them look like a flower. Draw on stems, remembering that you want a foreground / background effect so have the stems of the smaller flowers disappearing into the field. Colour in the stems with felt tip or crayon, paint won’t be the same consistency as the rest of the painting.

These makes a lovely Litha or Lammas focus for your altar, also a great aid in possibly teaching about corn and what have you. When blow-painting I found that my flowers looked liked poppies, which with modern connotations make me think of sacrifice which is exactly what Lammas is about, preparing for the sacrifice of the God.
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Craft Ideas - General & Sabbat
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